We love to meet our authors for a one-on-one brainstorm. A session like this can bring out the sparkiest, most original ideas in anyone. There is a magical chemistry that occurs when two minds are brought to bear on a subject. The Creative Brainstorm gets rid of blocks and brings a whole new energy to your project.

“Who is it for? How do I know it will be right for me?”

We have found that the creative brainstorm has been used most productively by writers of non-fiction.

  • You might have decided that a book will be a handy tool to promote your business, product or ideas
  • Or you might be writing a memoir and want our help in shaping the narrative (after all, you cannot include everything, and it can be tricky to work out what should be left out)

“What will I come away with from a 2-hour brainstorm?”

  • The bones of your synopsis: ideas for the best title, content and structure
  • Our view on the marketability of your idea
  • Ideas for strong titles, subtitles and shoutlines
  • Proposal content: advice on author biography (and how best to strengthen your author ‘platform’), review of competing titles, and key selling points

The Creative Brainstorm package includes:

  • perusal of the author’s CV and/or website, and any other relevant supporting materials prior to the brainstorm
  • the writing up of all key points made during the meeting

Cost: £199.00

Any further mentoring will be charged on an hourly basis.

Please call us on 020 8567 2616 if you want to find out how the Creative Brainstorm can benefit you.