Can I ask questions following my receipt of your report?

Yes. Feel free to email or call if anything needs clarifying.

How can I be sure my idea won’t get pinched?

You automatically have copyright in your work. You can be assured of our discretion. We will not share any of your ideas or show your work to anyone.

Will you suggest alternative titles if you think mine is weak?

Yes. Often we will make suggestions if we think the title has been overused or needs to be snappier.

I’ve got the germ of a good idea but need to develop it. Is that something I can do with you?

Absolutely. We can meet up or talk over the phone or email. Whatever sort of brainstorm feels most effective.  Please see The creative brainstorm for further details.

Are you happy to work again on my book once I’ve reworked it?

Of course. Normal fees will apply though.  To find out more please click here.

I’m in a real hurry. Is there any way you can turn things around faster?

Try us! It may be possible to start work immediately.

If I can’t get a publisher, I may want to self-publish. Can you help?

We can certainly provide an introduction to a printer that we have worked with before. We also may be able to copy edit and prepare your work for publication if that is a service you require. You might want a print run of 1,000 copies or 10. Anything is possible in the world of digital technology.  To find out more about how we can help with your self-publishing project please click here.

Can you work with me if I live abroad?

Of course. We have worked with authors as far away as Tasmania. However, your text does need to be in English.

Can you introduce me to agents or publishers?

We don’t consider this to be an appropriate role for us. It would only lead to disappointment if your project was not selected by us to pass on. Our advice is to get a copy of Writer’s and Artist’s Yearbook, look at the agencies’ websites, find out who agents or publishes similar titles and make your own choice.