Wanda’s report quickly got to the heart of the problem. She has an uncanny ability to hone in on what works and what doesn’t, what should stay and what should go. Wanda recommended me to a top London agent who secured a two-book deal with a major publishing house.”
Colette Dartford, author of Learning to Speak American and An Unsuitable Marriage
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 She has an uncanny ability to spot and nurture talent.”
Belinda Budge, former group Publisher, HarperCollins

 She is not only very savvy about the publishing world, but also has a warm and encouraging way of getting the best out of you. Extremely professional and knowledgeable, with the demeanour of a favourite aunt.”
Steve Biddulph, author of Raising Boys and Raising Girls

 I couldn’t have done it without Wanda. She gave unselfishly of her time when I needed feedback but more importantly she encouraged me to write my story which has now helped many thousands of people. Her commitment, drive and insightful advice come from years of experience as a publishing director.”
Bernadette Bohan, author of The Choice

 Wanda’s instinctive understanding of how to make a manuscript watertight has been invaluable at a point where, several drafts in, I could no longer see the wood from the trees.”
Lucy Dawson, author of His Other Lover

 Wanda’s expert input has been insightful, helpful, and has vastly improved my books.”
Steve Davison, author of Kill & Cure and Dead Innocent

 Her advice made it possible for me to secure an agent and a two-book deal. In particular, she helped me to sharpen my plot and bring the characters to life.”
Rachael English, author of Going Home

 With Wanda’s notes, I have redrafted the entire first section of my first novel, and it is this version that is now being read (at their request) by Faber, Macmillan and Scholastic. More importantly, since Wanda’s critique I have learnt some tools that have allowed me to complete a second YA novel, Scout.”
Alex Pillai, author of Children of War

 Wanda makes the impossible, possible. A veteran in the industry she has the knowledge, capacity and compassion to steer the fledgling author carefully through any stormy seas and unpredictability. Her enthusiasm, expertise and encouragement are boundless.”
Linda Cruse, author of Marmalade and Machine Guns

 Wanda has a way of intuiting the important details; she gets straight to the core of an idea and helps it to blossom. I feel incredibly fortunate to have met such an amazing woman. I have a career because of her.”
Adele Nozedar, author of The Secret Language of Birds

 Wanda and John came up with many excellent suggestions on both character and plot. My book is much better as a consequence of their input. Wanda’s editorial notes were first rate.”
Paul Rooney, author of Caned

 I was extremely privileged to have had Wanda’s guiding hand of dedicated sincerity and professionalism during the writing of my true story. Her honesty, integrity and absolute support paved the way to greater horizons.”
Judy Westwater, author of Streetkid

 I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for Wanda. She has an eye for what will work and her advice is like gold.”
Jason Vale, author of The Juice Master

 As a first-time writer, I found Wanda’s input to and editing of my book priceless. Her straightforward advice, direct feedback and insightful editing turned a loose collection of stories into a flowing, concise and hilarious book. She rocks.”
Dave Gammon, author of Shades of Dave

 Wanda is one of those rare and brilliant people who is both a creative catalyst for others while keeping an unerring eye on what is actually marketable. Her light touch both as an editor and sounding-board allows you to find more of yourself, more of your own voice as a writer and more energy to realize the huge task of creating a book.”
Suzette Clough, author of Visual Medicine

 She provided me with honest, direct, sensible and practical advice as well as clear pointers on how to improve and re-structure my manuscript. She also proved to be an on-going and invaluable guide to the world of publishing.”
Philip Eisenbeiss, author of Bel Canto Bully

 From her very first glance at my decidedly wobbly manuscript, Wanda diagnosed the essential problems within it, prescribed the correct medication, then administered it with the utmost of care. She ultimately brought my manuscript to life. Thank you Wanda, you’re a legend!”
Tara Lal, author of Standing on my Brother’s Shoulders

 Wanda is a dream come true as a literary guide for discerning authors who wish to publish their work.”
Gowri Motha, author of The Gentle Birth Method

 Wanda was more than simply the editor of my books, she was also a key player in the birth of my thriving business. She always has a strong nose for an original idea and its commercial potential.”
Antoinette Savill, author of The Gluten, Wheat and Dairy-free Cookbook

 Wanda has been instrumental in getting my self-published titles off the ground. Not only is she a world-class editor, but Wanda has been my ‘unofficial’ mentor whose advice and insight has saved me years of learning and a bundle of cash! Highly recommended!”
Gladys Famoriyo, author of Quit Hiding, Start Living

 Discussion with Wanda is like opening a door to possibility. An expert in her field, she helped me to get clear about what I didn’t want to write … and what I most certainly did! She also suggested avenues to move forward with my project. Great value I can heartily recommend.”
Sharon Eden, author of Whack Around the Head

 I’ve had the privilege of partnering with Wanda in brainstorming for my first non-fiction book. She was brilliant at helping me formulate ideas, and offered priceless advice in terms of which avenues to pursue, and which roads are better left untravelled! She left me feeling motivated, confident and energised.”
Dr Nicole Gehl

 I have been working as a rather ancient but fledging writer with Wanda for well over two years now. I have found her advice wise, very perceptive, and inspirational. She knows books and writers like no-one else I have met (and I have tried a few!). Most of all she has great patience and a generous heart.”
Persephone Arbour

 I’m always alone with writing. For years no one reads a manuscript. Then it’s sent out and the nos come in. No No No. Just no, with no explanation. Already I’m unsure about my writing and the nos add to my insecurity. Here Wanda comes in. Finally an ally. Wanda immediately comes up with ways to make the manuscript work. The critical, honest feedback inspires me. I move on. I love working with Wanda.”
Stephanie Van den Bergh