“Wanda is my secret weapon and I really don’t want anyone else hearing about how good she is. As a generally optimistic person with a “Yes and” rather than a “No but” leaning, I find myself more often than I’d like reading a novel that has potential and requires editing, re-structuring and new-thinking, and at this point I reach for my superhero phone and call Wanda. She’s brilliant and does that rare thing of coming up with a solution that no one else has thought of. I have launched two authors’ careers in the last two years, both of whom would not have found a publisher without her advice. Please remove her details from your contacts.”

Robert Kirby, Head of Literary Dept., United Agents; Agent of the Year Award, 2011

We see ourselves as safecrackers …

Every book needs pace, colour and dramatic structure. You may have great material but if your readers’ eyes glaze over on page one you’ve got a problem. Whether your book is fiction or non-fiction, we are here to help you make your book a gripping, satisfying read … to the very last page.

We provide the necessary clear-thinking and rigour to take a manuscript to the next stage. Agents and publishers are usually too overstretched to offer detailed feedback to every new author. We offer concise advice on content, style and structure as well as commercial potential. And we promise that the exercise will be encouraging and challenging in a positive way.

Mini critique

Send us your one-page chapter synopsis and first 40 pages (10,000 words). We will offer you advice on style, clarity, characterisation, relevance, structure and pace. We will also comment on viability for the marketplace. Our report is typically 2 pages long.

Cost: £150

Mid-length critique

Send us your one-page chapter synopsis and the first 35,000 words. Our report is typically 6 to 8 pages long. This option works for some writers who, once given direction, will feel confident to complete their own edit of the whole.

Cost: £250

Full critique

Send us your chapter synopsis and complete text. We will provide a detailed report (between 16 and 24 pages). It includes a close look at all general issues as well as line by line specifics so that you know exactly where problems lie.

Although this service doesn’t provide a full copy-edit, we might suggest different wording in some places. As well as issues related to style and content, we will highlight any awkward areas that might impede the flow, as well as plot or character inconsistencies. In places we may suggest more detail is added, in others a pruning may be considered necessary.

Cost: £350 – up to 70,000 words (£5 per 1,000 words thereafter).

N.B. You can be assured of our discretion. We will not share your ideas or show your work to anyone.